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MOZBC: permission denied while compiling

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Dear all,
I was trying to compile mozbc after downloading and untar the tar file
I actually order this command on the terminal to compile the mozbc
-bash: ./make_mozbc: Permission denied

the error flag shows above.
Please what do I need to do

with regards
It looks to me that this question is related to WRF-Chem, so I've moved it from the MPAS-Atmosphere section of the forum to the WRF-Chem section.
Hi Julius,

This is a either (1) a permission issue with the directory you are attempting to compile, (2) the "make_mozbc" is not an executable, or (3) you are not invoking the executable correctly.

(1) Ensure you have write(w) and execute (x) permissions in the directory.
(2) Perform and "ls -l make_mozbc". Is there an x in any of these positions? (-rwxr-xr-x)? If not, perform "chmod +x make_mozbc" and try again.
(3) What shell are you using? Some shells do not require the "./" before an executable.