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MOZCART-T1 doesn´t read the anthropogenic data


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Dear all,
I am facing a problem with MOZCART-T1 and MOZCART. I am trying to carry out some simulations of ozone and PM2.5 concentrations for CDMX. However, I realized that the values were very low, and that the highest concentrations were near the border. I did several tests, turning off the biogenic emissions inputs, then the anthropogenic ones and those from biomass burning. With these experiments, I realized that the model was not reading the anthropogenic emissions, since the concentrations came out the same without and with anthropogenic emissions. Then I decided to change the input data, I was using EDGAR, and I changed it to the emissions inventory, and I still got the same concentrations as when anthropogenic emissions were turned off. I attach my namelist, and I hope someone can help me.



  • namelist.input.txt
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