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I want to install MPAS-v7.0. But when I want to compile MPAS use the command:

"make gfortran CORE=atmosphere USE_PIO2=true PRECISION=single"

The error message shows:

"Existing WRF physics tables appear to be incompatible with MPAS v7.0; attempting to download compatible tables".

The MPAS-DATA in github seems that it's only applicable to versions below 4.0. How can I find MPAS-DATA for version 7.0?

I would appreciate it if you could reply me.
Thank you.
The script that is run at build time (and that is printing the message "Existing WRF physics tables ...") should automatically download the correct look-up tables for the physics schemes in MPAS v7.0. As of the MPAS v7.0 release, the correct tables are found in commits to the MPAS-Data repository identified by tags, e.g., v7.0 for MPAS v7.0.

Again, though, the script should automatically download updated physics look-up tables. After the message "Existing WRF physics tables ..." is printed, is the script failing?