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MPAS forrtl: severe (257)

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New member
On behalf of DTN, I would like to share with the MPAS community the error we encountered and a fix we made, which may not be the best, but works for us.

Shuxia Zhang, PhD, MBA
DTN Cloud engineer

Software: MPAS-A

Compiler Intel oneapi 2021.04

Error Description: "forrtl: severe (257): formatted I/O to unit open for unformatted transfers, unit 22, file /path/mpas/run/fort.22 but the Slurm job keeps running. "

The Fix: Use of unformatted format. Specifically, modified lines 739-740,
225-225 of mpas_atm_core.F in the directory core_atmosphere:

!write(22,'(a)',advance='no') trim(timeStamp)

write(22) trim(timeStamp)

read(22) startTimeStamp