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MPAS-ocean coupled?

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The MPAS-Model repository itself contains no coupler. The US Department of Energy is developing an Earth-system model, E3SM, in which MPAS-Ocean is coupled to an atmosphere model other than MPAS-Atmosphere. Simultaneously, there are several of us at NCAR who are working to implement the MPAS-Atmosphere dynamical core in CAM for use in the Community Earth System Model, which will eventually allow coupling to an ocean model other than MPAS-Ocean.

I come to the same question recently. May I ask if there is any plan to couple the MPAS component models together? Is there any reason why you choose to use MPAS-Atmosphere in CESM but not MPAS-Ocean and vice versa for the E3SM? I would assume coupling the MPAS suite of models would be great for a fully-refinable coupled model.

There is not currently, but its possible that MPAS Ocean could be coupled to MPAS Atmosphere using CESM, but there is currently no plan that I am aware of.

The differences in choice, MPAS-A in CESM and MPAS-O in E3SM and not in a single choice, comes from the differences in developers of each core. While the shared infasturcture of MPAS is shared between NCAR and DOE, the development of each core is not. NCAR develops MPAS-A and DOE developes MPAS-O. Likewise, CESM is developed by NCAR while E3SM is developed by DOE.

From my understanding (and someone may correct me), the reason for not coupling each core is simply because each organization (DOE and NCAR) have had different needs and objectives.