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MPAS simulation end before reaching the final time

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Hi MPAS-support team,
I used MPAS-Atmosphere to simulate during the 3days period, however it stopped after just 6h of simulation.
The log file and namelist file was attached in this post.
Please help me to resolve this problem.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.


  • namelist.atmosphere.txt
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  • log.atmosphere.0000.out.txt
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What is the resolution of your limited-area mesh? I think either your timestep ("config_dt") or your horizontal mixing length scale ("config_len_disp") may be set incorrectly: config_dt is set to 180.0 (which would be appropriate for a ~30 km mesh) while config_len_disp is set to 3000.0 (which would be appropriate for a 3 km mesh).
Hi mgduda,
My problem came from the value of the config_dt option. The resolution of my limited-area mesh is 3km so the config_dt value must be 3*6=18 and the config_len_disp value is set to 3000.0.
Thank you very much for your help!
Hi mgduda,
After changing the config_dt option, my model can run a few times, but I got the error:
Beginning MPAS-atmosphere Error Log File for task 6 of 40
Opened at 2021/04/09 15:56:34

ERROR: MPAS IO Error: Bad return value from PIO
Please help me to solve this problem!
Thank you in advance.