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Does MPAS run with only GFS initial condition. What about ERA data?

my data name is saved as "ERA_2000-10-20_00"

I am trying to create after, however I am getting an error "ERROR: Error opening initial meteorological data file ERA:2000-10-20_00"

Can anyone suggest me on this?

Thank you
In general, ECMWF datasets should be supported. Can you try renaming your file from "ERA_2000-10-20_00" to "ERA:2000-10-20_00" (i.e., swap the first underscore for a colon)?
I tried as you have said but It has same issue
"ERROR: Didn't recognize format version of data in ERA:2000-10-20_00.
ERROR: Found version 120 but expected either 3, 4, or 5. This could be an endian problem.
ERROR: ********************************************************************************
ERROR: LANDSEA field not found in meteorological data file ERA:2000-10-20_00"
Was your "ERA:2000-10-20_00" file created the the WRF Preprocessing System's ungrib.exe program or by some other means?
mgduda said:
In general, ECMWF datasets should be supported. Can you try renaming your file from "ERA_2000-10-20_00" to "ERA:2000-10-20_00" (i.e., swap the first underscore for a colon)?

I have the same issue, too. Because when I use GFS to drive MPAS, I only get one file of GFS:2020-10-20_00 which includes surface data and Model level data in one binary files of one time. However, if I use ECMWF data to drive MPAS, I will have SURFACE:2020-10-20_00 as well as ML:2020-10-20_00 (model level), two intermediate binary files after ungrib.exe. And it seems that MPAS not supports two prefix in the option of 'config_met_prefix'. Also I don't know how to combine SURFACE:2020-10-20_00 and ML:2020-10-20_00 in one binary. So how could I do if I want to use ECMWF data to drive MPAS?
thomasuh said:
Simply use "cat":

"cat SURFACE:2020-10-20_00 ML:2020-10-20_00 > YOUR_MPAS_INPUT_FILE_NAME"

Don't forget to provide the pressure data on model levels in addition in a separate binary file (needs to be added to YOUR_MPAS_INPUT_FILE_NAME):

Thanks for your reply.
I use ECMWF and WPS to create ML:2020-08-06_12~ML:2020-08-06_18 and SURFACE:2020-08-06_12~SURFACE:2020-08-06_12, also I use ecmwf_coeffs and calc_ecmwf_p.exe to create PRES:2020-08-06_12~PRES:2020-08-06_18. Then I cat ML:2020-08-06_12, SURFACE:2020-08-06_12 and PRES:2020-08-06_12 into one binary file SMPP:2020-08-06_12, loop for each time.
Then I use these intermediate files to create initial condition and lateral boundary conditions in limited-area MPAS, though there are initial condition files and LBCs files created without any error. However, values in the file are all Infinity (same as missing value). :?: :?: :?: :?:
By the way, I can use GFS data run without any issue.
My attachment files as follows url:
If you use ERA-Interim, this data set only has 60 levels.
If you use ERA5 or the operational analysis, then you are probably missing some of the data. You level count stops at 93 out of 137 levels:
Interpolating PRESSURE at 46 93.0000000000000

Did you verify that ungrib ran successfully? Your water vapor field contains only zero values:
--- global_sh_min = 0.00000000000000
--- global_sh_max = 0.00000000000000

Set "config_use_spechumd = True" for ECMWF data on model levels.