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I built and ran MPAS-A on UCAR Cheyenne last year using the suggested libraries:
module purge
module load ncarenv/1.3
module load intel/19.0.2
module load ncarcompilers/0.5.0
module load mpt/2.19
ulimit -s unlimited
export NETCDF=/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2
export PNETCDF=/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2
export PIO=/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2
export PATH=${NETCDF}/bin:$PATH
export MPAS_EXTERNAL_LIBS="-L${NETCDF}/lib -lhdf5_hl -lhdf5 -ldl -lz"
But it now appears that MPT is no longer available as a module. Is there another module I can use in its place?
The only thing that has changed since my last build, is mpt no longer being available.
Now when I try to build the model (make ifort CORE=init_atmosphere PRECISION=double USE_PIO2=true) I get the following error:
bash-4.2$ source /glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/setup
Lmod has detected the following error: The following module(s) are unknown: "mpt/2.19"

Please check the spelling or version number. Also try "module spider ..."
It is also possible your cache file is out-of-date; it may help to try:
$ module --ignore_cache load "mpt/2.19"

Also make sure that all modulefiles written in TCL start with the string #%Module
bash-4.2$ make clean CORE=init_atmosphere
cd src; make clean RM="rm -f" CORE="init_atmosphere"
make[1]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src'
rm -f libframework.a libops.a libdycore.a libinit_atmosphere.a *.o
( cd tools; make clean )
make[2]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/tools'
(cd input_gen; make clean)
make[3]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/tools/input_gen'
rm -f *.o namelist_gen streams_gen
rm -f *.i
make[3]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/tools/input_gen'
(cd registry; make clean)
make[3]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/tools/registry'
rm -f *.o parse
rm -f *.i
make[3]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/tools/registry'
make[2]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/tools'
( cd external; make clean )
make[2]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/external'
( cd esmf_time_f90; make clean )
make[3]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/external/esmf_time_f90'
rm -rf *.tmp.f90 *.o *.mod *.a
make[3]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/external/esmf_time_f90'
( cd ezxml; make clean )
make[3]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/external/ezxml'
rm -f *.o *.i
make[3]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/external/ezxml'
make -C SMIOL clean
make[3]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/external/SMIOL'
rm -f -f smiol.o smiol_utils.o libsmiol.a
rm -f -f smiolf.o smiolf.mod libsmiolf.a
make[3]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/external/SMIOL'
make[2]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/external'
( cd framework; make clean )
make[2]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/framework'
rm -f *.o *.mod *.f90 libframework.a
rm -f *.i
make[2]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/framework'
( cd operators; make clean )
make[2]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/operators'
rm -f *.o *.mod *.f90 libops.a
rm -f *.i
make[2]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/operators'
( cd driver; make clean )
make[2]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/driver'
rm -f *.o *.mod *.f90
rm -f *.i
make[2]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/driver'
if [ -d core_init_atmosphere ] ; then \
( cd core_init_atmosphere; make clean ) \
make[2]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/core_init_atmosphere'
rm -f *.o *.mod *.f90 libdycore.a
rm -f Registry_processed.xml
rm -f *.i
rm -f -r default_inputs
make[2]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src/core_init_atmosphere'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model/src'
rm -f .mpas_core_*
rm -f init_atmosphere_model
rm -f namelist.init_atmosphere.defaults
rm -f streams.init_atmosphere.defaults
bash-4.2$ make ifort CORE=init_atmosphere PRECISION=double USE_PIO2=true
( make all \
"FC_PARALLEL = mpif90" \
"CC_PARALLEL = mpicc" \
"CXX_PARALLEL = mpicxx" \
"FC_SERIAL = ifort" \
"CC_SERIAL = icc" \
"CXX_SERIAL = icpc" \
"FFLAGS_PROMOTION = -real-size 64" \
"FFLAGS_OPT = -O3 -convert big_endian -free -align array64byte" \
"CFLAGS_OPT = -O3" \
"FFLAGS_DEBUG = -g -convert big_endian -free -check all -fpe0 -traceback" \
"CFLAGS_DEBUG = -g -traceback" \
"CXXFLAGS_DEBUG = -g -traceback" \
"LDFLAGS_DEBUG = -g -fpe0 -traceback" \
"FFLAGS_OMP = -qopenmp" \
"CFLAGS_OMP = -qopenmp" \
"PICFLAG = -fpic" \
"BUILD_TARGET = ifort" \
"CORE = init_atmosphere" \
"DEBUG = " \
"USE_PAPI = " \
"OPENMP = " \
Checking for a working PIO library...
*** Note: The USE_PIO2 option has been deprecated and will be ignored.
make[1]: Entering directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model'
ERROR: Could not detect a working PIO library!

Both of the following commands to compile a test program
failed with errors:

mpif90 pio1.f90 -o pio1.x -I/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/include -I/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/include -I/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/include -I/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/include -O3 -convert big_endian -free -align array64byte -real-size 64 -O3 -L/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/lib -lpiof -lpioc -L/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/lib -lnetcdff -lnetcdf -L/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/lib -lpnetcdf -L/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/lib -lhdf5_hl -lhdf5 -ldl -lz

mpif90 pio2.f90 -o pio2.x -I/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/include -I/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/include -I/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/include -I/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/include -O3 -convert big_endian -free -align array64byte -real-size 64 -O3 -L/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/lib -lpiof -lpioc -L/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/lib -lnetcdff -lnetcdf -L/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/lib -lpnetcdf -L/glade/work/duda/libs-intel19.0.2/lib -lhdf5_hl -lhdf5 -ldl -lz

The pio1.f90 and pio2.f90 test programs have been left in
the top-level MPAS directory for further debugging.
make[1]: *** [pio_test] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/glade/campaign/univ/uhwm0034/MPAS-Model'
make: *** [ifort] Error 2
These are the exact and only steps Ive done so far. Again I have built and succuessfully ran MPAS many times in the past (a year or so ago) using these exact steps.


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It may be that some of the modules you're trying to load have newer versions, and the older versions have been removed.

For the Intel compilers, here's a set of module commands that should work on Cheyenne with MPAS v8.0 (as of the time of this post):
module purge
module load ncarenv/1.3
module load intel/2022.1
module load ncarcompilers/0.5.0
module load mpt/2.25
module load netcdf-mpi/4.8.1
module load pnetcdf/1.12.2
module load pio/2.5.9
I may just be missing something simple but it seems that the mpt module is not available

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 1.05.23 PM.png

bash-4.2$ module spider

The following is a list of the modules and extensions currently available:
arb: arb/2.19.0

arm-forge: arm-forge/18.1.2, arm-forge/18.2.3, arm-forge/19.0.4, arm-forge/19.1, arm-forge/20.0.2, arm-forge/20.1.1, ...

arm-reports: arm-reports/18.1.2, arm-reports/18.2.3, arm-reports/19.0.4, arm-reports/19.1, arm-reports/20.0.2

aws-cli: aws-cli/2.1.10

bazel: bazel/0.15.2, bazel/0.21.0, bazel/0.26.1, bazel/0.29.1, bazel/3.1.0

bbcp: bbcp/17.12

blas_lapack: blas_lapack/3.8.0

blender: blender/2.83.0

cdo: cdo/1.7.2, cdo/1.9.3, cdo/1.9.4, cdo/, cdo/1.9.9, cdo/1.9.10, cdo/2.0.1

cmake: cmake/3.9.4, cmake/3.14.4, cmake/3.16.4, cmake/3.18.2, cmake/3.22.0

conda: conda/latest

cuda: cuda/9.0, cuda/9.2, cuda/10.0, cuda/10.1, cuda/10.2.89, cuda/11.0.3, cuda/11.4.0, cuda/11.6, cuda/11.7

cudnn: cudnn/7.6.5, cudnn/, cudnn/

cylc: cylc/7.8.3, cylc/8

darshan: darshan/3.3.0

diffuse: diffuse/0.4.8

eccodes: eccodes/2.12.5, eccodes/2.16.0, eccodes/2.19.1, eccodes/2.21.0, eccodes/2.23.0

ecflow: ecflow/5.6.0

emacs: emacs/26.1, emacs/26.2, emacs/28.2

esmf-7.1.0r-ncdfio-uni-g: esmf-7.1.0r-ncdfio-uni-g

esmf-7.1.0r-ncdfio-uni-O: esmf-7.1.0r-ncdfio-uni-O

esmf-8.0.0-defio-mpi-g: esmf-8.0.0-defio-mpi-g

esmf-8.0.0-defio-mpi-O: esmf-8.0.0-defio-mpi-O

esmf-8.0.0-defio-uni-g: esmf-8.0.0-defio-uni-g

esmf-8.0.0-defio-uni-O: esmf-8.0.0-defio-uni-O

esmf-8.0.0-ncdfio-mpi-g: esmf-8.0.0-ncdfio-mpi-g

esmf-8.0.0-ncdfio-mpi-O: esmf-8.0.0-ncdfio-mpi-O

esmf-8.0.0-ncdfio-uni-g: esmf-8.0.0-ncdfio-uni-g

esmf-8.0.0-ncdfio-uni-O: esmf-8.0.0-ncdfio-uni-O

esmf-8.0.1-defio-mpi-g: esmf-8.0.1-defio-mpi-g

esmf-8.0.1-defio-mpi-O: esmf-8.0.1-defio-mpi-O

esmf-8.0.1-defio-uni-g: esmf-8.0.1-defio-uni-g

esmf-8.0.1-defio-uni-O: esmf-8.0.1-defio-uni-O

esmf-8.0.1-ncdfio-mpi-g: esmf-8.0.1-ncdfio-mpi-g

esmf-8.0.1-ncdfio-mpi-O: esmf-8.0.1-ncdfio-mpi-O

esmf-8.0.1-ncdfio-uni-g: esmf-8.0.1-ncdfio-uni-g

esmf-8.0.1-ncdfio-uni-O: esmf-8.0.1-ncdfio-uni-O

esmf-8.1.1-defio-mpiuni-g: esmf-8.1.1-defio-mpiuni-g

esmf-8.1.1-defio-mpiuni-O: esmf-8.1.1-defio-mpiuni-O

esmf-8.1.1-ncdfio-mpiuni-g: esmf-8.1.1-ncdfio-mpiuni-g

esmf-8.1.1-ncdfio-mpiuni-O: esmf-8.1.1-ncdfio-mpiuni-O

esmf-8.2.0-defio-mpiuni-g: esmf-8.2.0-defio-mpiuni-g

esmf-8.2.0-defio-mpiuni-O: esmf-8.2.0-defio-mpiuni-O

esmf-8.2.0-ncdfio-mpiuni-g: esmf-8.2.0-ncdfio-mpiuni-g

esmf-8.2.0-ncdfio-mpiuni-O: esmf-8.2.0-ncdfio-mpiuni-O

esmf-8.3.0-defio-mpiuni-g: esmf-8.3.0-defio-mpiuni-g

esmf-8.3.0-defio-mpiuni-O: esmf-8.3.0-defio-mpiuni-O

esmf-8.3.0-defio-openmpi-g: esmf-8.3.0-defio-openmpi-g

esmf-8.3.0-defio-openmpi-O: esmf-8.3.0-defio-openmpi-O

esmf-8.3.0-ncdfio-mpiuni-g: esmf-8.3.0-ncdfio-mpiuni-g

esmf-8.3.0-ncdfio-mpiuni-O: esmf-8.3.0-ncdfio-mpiuni-O

esmf-8.3.0-ncdfio-openmpi-g: esmf-8.3.0-ncdfio-openmpi-g

esmf-8.3.0-ncdfio-openmpi-O: esmf-8.3.0-ncdfio-openmpi-O

esmf_libs: esmf_libs/8.0.0, esmf_libs/8.0.1, esmf_libs/8.1.1, esmf_libs/8.2.0, esmf_libs/8.3.0

esmflibs: esmflibs/7.1.0r

ffmpeg: ffmpeg/4.0.2, ffmpeg/4.1.3

fftw: fftw/3.3.7, fftw/3.3.8, fftw/3.3.9

fftw-mpi: fftw-mpi/3.3.8, fftw-mpi/3.3.9

fftw3-mpi: fftw3-mpi/3.3.6-pl2

gdal: gdal/2.2.4, gdal/2.4.0, gdal/2.4.1, gdal/3.0.4, gdal/3.2.0, gdal/3.3.2

geos: geos/3.6.2, geos/3.7.1, geos/3.8.1, geos/3.10.1

gephi: gephi/0.9.2

git: git/2.9.5, git/2.22.0, git/2.33.1

gmt: gmt/5.5.4

gnu: gnu/6.4.0, gnu/7.3.0, gnu/7.4.0, gnu/8.3.0, gnu/9.1.0, gnu/10.1.0, gnu/10.2.0-gpu, gnu/11.1.0, gnu/11.2.0, gnu/12.1.0

gnuplot: gnuplot/5.2.2

go: go/1.12.7, go/1.14.2, go/1.17.3

google-chrome: google-chrome/1.0.0

google-earth: google-earth/7.3.4

grads: grads/2.2.1

graphviz: graphviz/2.40.1

grassgis: grassgis/7.8.3

grib-api: grib-api/1.26.1, grib-api/1.28.0

grib-bins: grib-bins/1.2, grib-bins/1.3

grib-libs: grib-libs/1.2

gsl: gsl/2.4, gsl/2.6, gsl/2.7

gufiwrappers: gufiwrappers/0.4, gufiwrappers/0.5, gufiwrappers/0.6, gufiwrappers/0.7, gufiwrappers/0.8, gufiwrappers/0.9, ...

gv: gv/3.7.4

hdf: hdf/4.2.13, hdf/4.2.14, hdf/4.2.15

hdf5: hdf5/1.8.20, hdf5/1.8.21, hdf5/1.10.5, hdf5/1.10.7, hdf5/1.10.8, hdf5/1.10.9, hdf5/1.12.2

hdf5-mpi: hdf5-mpi/1.10.5, hdf5-mpi/1.10.7, hdf5-mpi/1.10.8, hdf5-mpi/1.10.9, hdf5-mpi/1.12.2

heffte: heffte/2.2.0

idl: idl/8.6, idl/8.7.2, idl/8.8.0, idl/8.9.0

impi: impi/2017.1.132, impi/2018.1.163, impi/2018.4.274, impi/2019.6.154, impi/2019.7.217, impi/2021.2, impi/2022.1

intel: intel/17.0.1, intel/18.0.1, intel/18.0.5, intel/19.0.2, intel/19.0.5, intel/19.1.1, intel/2021.2, intel/2022.1

java: java/1.8.0

joe: joe/4.1, joe/4.6

julia: julia/1.5.3, julia/1.6.0, julia/1.7.1, julia/1.8.3, julia/1.9.1

libgit2: libgit2/1.1.0

lrose-core: lrose-core/20200110, lrose-core/20211114

magma: magma/2.4.0, magma/2.5.0, magma/2.5.2, magma/2.5.4

mathematica: mathematica/10.4.1

matlab: matlab/R2015b, matlab/R2016b, matlab/R2018a, matlab/R2019a, matlab/R2020a, matlab/R2021a, matlab/R2021b, matlab/R2022a, ...

mkl: mkl/2017.0.1, mkl/2018.0.1, mkl/2018.0.5, mkl/2019.0.2, mkl/2019.0.5, mkl/2020.0.1, mkl/2021.2, mkl/2022.1

mkl-dnn: mkl-dnn/0.15

mpi-serial: mpi-serial/2.3.0

mvapich2: mvapich2/2.3.5

nano: nano/4.3

nasm: nasm/2.13.03

ncarcompilers: ncarcompilers/0.4.1, ncarcompilers/0.5.0

ncarenv: ncarenv/1.2, ncarenv/1.3

nccl: nccl/2.6.4, nccl/2.7.5, nccl/2.7.8-1, nccl/2.10.3-1

nccmp: nccmp/, nccmp/

ncftp: ncftp/3.2.6

ncl: ncl/6.4.0, ncl/6.5.0, ncl/6.6.2

nco: nco/4.7.4, nco/4.7.9, nco/4.9.5, nco/5.0.3, nco/5.1.0, nco/5.1.4

ncview: ncview/2.1.7

ncvis: ncvis/2022.08.28

netcdf: netcdf/4.6.0, netcdf/4.6.1, netcdf/4.6.3, netcdf/4.7.1, netcdf/4.7.3, netcdf/4.7.4, netcdf/4.8.0, netcdf/4.8.1, ...

netcdf-mpi: netcdf-mpi/4.6.1, netcdf-mpi/4.7.1, netcdf-mpi/4.7.3, netcdf-mpi/4.7.4, netcdf-mpi/4.8.0, netcdf-mpi/4.8.1, ...

node: node/10.16.0

nvhpc: nvhpc/20.9, nvhpc/20.11, nvhpc/21.3, nvhpc/21.7, nvhpc/21.9, nvhpc/21.11, nvhpc/22.1, nvhpc/22.2, nvhpc/22.5, nvhpc/23.1

octave: octave/4.4.1

openblas: openblas/0.2.20, openblas/0.3.6, openblas/0.3.9, openblas/0.3.17, openblas/0.3.20

opencoarrays: opencoarrays/2.9.0, opencoarrays/2.9.2, opencoarrays/2.9.3

openjdk: openjdk/12.0.1

openmpi: openmpi/3.1.6, openmpi/4.1.0, openmpi/4.1.1, openmpi/4.1.4

pandoc: pandoc/

panoply: panoply/4.9.4, panoply/4.12.1

parallel: parallel/20180422, parallel/20190622

paraview: paraview/4.1.0, paraview/5.5.2, paraview/5.8.1, paraview/5.10.1

peak_memusage: peak_memusage/2.0.1

pgi: pgi/17.10, pgi/18.4, pgi/18.10, pgi/19.3, pgi/19.9, pgi/20.4

pio: pio/1.10.1, pio/2.3.1, pio/2.4.4, pio/2.5.2, pio/2.5.4, pio/2.5.5, pio/2.5.6d, pio/2.5.6, pio/2.5.7d, pio/2.5.7, pio/2.5.8d, ...

pnetcdf: pnetcdf/1.9.0, pnetcdf/1.11.1, pnetcdf/1.12.1, pnetcdf/1.12.2, pnetcdf/1.12.3

proj: proj/5.0.1, proj/5.2.0, proj/6.2.1, proj/8.1.1

pyferret: pyferret/7.4, pyferret/7.4.4

python: python/2.7.14, python/2.7.15, python/2.7.16, python/3.6.4, python/3.6.8, python/3.7.5, python/3.7.9, python/3.7.12

R: R/3.5.0, R/3.5.2, R/3.6.0, R/4.0.2, R/4.1.2, R/4.2.2

rclone: rclone/1.53.4

rmpi: rmpi/0.6-9, rmpi/0.6-9.1

rstudio: rstudio/1.1.453, rstudio/1.3.1056, rstudio/2022.02.1, rstudio/2022.12.0

singularity: singularity/3.7.2, singularity/3.9.1

slurm: slurm/17

sqlite: sqlite/3.36.0

sqlite3: sqlite3/3.31.1

subversion: subversion/1.8.10

szip: szip/2.1

tensorrt: tensorrt/, tensorrt/

texlive: texlive/2018

tmux: tmux/2.9a, tmux/2.9

udunits: udunits/2.2.26, udunits/2.2.28

valgrind: valgrind/3.17.0

vapor: vapor/2.6.0, vapor/3.1.0, vapor/3.2.0, vapor/3.3.0, vapor/3.4.0, vapor/3.5.0, vapor/3.6.0, vapor/3.7.0, vapor/3.8.0, ...

vim: vim/8.1

vis5d: vis5d/1.3.0-beta

visit: visit/2.13.1, visit/2.13.3, visit/3.0.1, visit/3.2.2

xxdiff: xxdiff/4.0.1

yasm: yasm/1.3.0

zlib: zlib/1.2.10


To learn more about a package execute:

$ module spider Foo

where "Foo" is the name of a module.

To find detailed information about a particular package you
must specify the version if there is more than one version:

$ module spider Foo/11.1