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NaN Values

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Dear All

I am trying to assimilate radar data. The test case run well. However, when I tried to assimilate radar data for my domain I get only NaN values. For testing purpose I am using be.dat file of 27km resolution for my region. I have resampled my radar data to 27 km for assimilation. But when I assimilate I get only NaN values without any error massage. I have attached all the relevant files with this mail. I am stuck in this problem. Kindly help.


  • outrsl.txt
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  • namelist.input
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  • errorrsl.txt
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  • ob_radar.txt
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I notice a complaint about file "ob.ascii". I'd try to fix that first and see what happens. The
file could be the cause of your problem. Since I've not used the software you are using, I
can only guess.
Please try changing the 4th line of your ob_radar.txt to be:

RADAR DWR-CHER 91.733 25.269 1330.0 2018-03-30_00:00:00 8 10

The third column is radar longitude.
The fourth column is radar latitude.