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NEI 2017 emission

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I want to use NEI 2017 emission in California with Wrf-Chem and my interval time is July 2017. But I don't have any idea how to use it, because the formats and structures of data are completely different compare to NEI2011 or NEI2005.
the following link is data for NEI 2017 emissions :
The NEI 2017 format (UPPER LINK ) is NetCDF, but in the tutorial slides NEI2011 was Zipped ASCII files.
Tutorial slide for NEI2011 (PAGE 6) :
according to the NEI2011 Tutorial, we had to have some (Zipped ASCII files) Then use emiss_v04.F and after that use convert_emiss.exe.but in the NEI2017 all of the data is NetCDF , and I don't know how to use them as anthropogenic emission . and which file is appropriate for Antherprogenic emissions in July 2017 (because there are a lot of NetCDF files there).
please give me a piece of detailed information. your answers will be very useful and helpful for me.
Thanks a lot.