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not read emissions

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Dear all,
I am using CBMZ & MOSAIC chemical option to simulate pm2.5.I prepare hourly emissions.and I set namelist as this :
auxinput5_inname = 'wrfchemi_d<domain>_<date>',
auxinput5_interval_m = 60,60,
frames_per_auxinput5 = 1,
io_form_auxinput5 = 2,
chem_opt= 10,
io_style_emissions = 2,
emiss_opt = 4, 4,
emiss_inpt_opt = 101,101,
but when I run wrf.exe,I can only find it open the wrfchemi_d<domain>_<date> file at the start time from the rsl.error.0000,even I set debug=200.
In order to verify this, I do not provide emissions and run wrf.exe,and I get the same results,the same values.So it is clear that the program do not read emissions.As for the results ,the values of pm2.5 is about 10-100,but the observed data is about 200-400.I don't konw why,and need help.Please give me some advice,thanks!


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