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Offline vs Online SST Skin computation


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Hi everybody,
I'm currently doing research on improving existing prognostic schemes for Skin SST calculation from fluxes of heat and skin friction velocity. To this end, I extracted and rewrote in python the module_sf_sstskin.F from WRF, to be run offline. To be sure of having correctly rewritten the module, I carried out a simulation with WRF 4.3 with the Skin SST active in the name list, obtaining what I will call in the following an "online" Skin SST. From the output file, I'm taking the fluxes as inputs to my offline routine and I'm calculating SST skin as done by WRF, which I will call an "offline" Skin SST.
When comparing the "online" and the "offline" Skin SSTs, the "offline" Skin SST differs from the "online" one, peaking in most cases at about 17.30 to a value 2.5/3.0 K warmer than the "online" Skin SST.
Therefore, I suspect that the fluxes I'm giving as input to my routine are the ones already corrected by the sst_skin_update routine present in WRF. I located the call to the routines which update the SST and verified that it is called before the one which updates the fluxes, but I was not able to find the part in which the variables are written in the output file.
Can anyone help to clarify these doubts I have?


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