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output advective tendency of cloud water mixing ratio

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Hi all,
I want to use WRF3.8 to study the budget of cloud water mixing ratio (qc). As I know, the tendency of qc=RQCBLTEN+RQCCUTEN+qc_diabatic+advqc_h (horizontal advection)+ advqc_z (vertical advection)+ diffqc_h (horizontal diffusion)+ diffqc_z (vertical diffusion). However, I don’t know how to output advection and diffusion terms (horizontal and vertical).
1) I note that a file called dyn_em/README.tenddecView attachment readme_tenddec.txt which guides users to decouple horizontal and vertical advection of non-chemistry 4D tracer array by outputting advh_t/advz_t. While I don’t know how to transfer advqc_h/advqc_z to advh_t/advz_t. Furthermore, how to output diffqc_h/ diffqc_z by using a similar method?
2) Or is there another method to output advqc_h/advqc_z and diffqc_h/ diffqc_z? Specifically, I would like to know what codes control these calculations.
Bests and thanks!