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Output of SAPRC-MOSAIC-4bins-KPP-VBS(chem_opt=198)

Wendy Liu

New member
Dear all,
I did some simulations using the SAPRC-MOSAIC-4bins-KPP-VBS(chem_opt=198) mechanisms. However I have problems finding the explanations of these output variables.
These are the variables: pcg1_b_c, pcg2_b_c, pcg1_b_o, pcg2_b_o, opcg1_b_, opcg1_b_o, pcg1_f_c ,pcg2_f_c,pcg1_f_o,pcg2_f_o ,opcg1_f_c,opcg1_f_o,ant1_c,ant1_o,biog1_c,biog1_o
I have read the registry, the f90 codes, the user's guide and everywhere I can to make clear of it but got nothing.
Thanks in advance!