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Plot output over Surface level

I'm not sure if this question belongs to the WRF forum or the NCL forum, but I would appreciate any help on this. I want to plot a variable (TOT_DUST in my case) on the surface level from a WRF-Chem output. I used an NCL script and found that the wrf_user_interp_level function in this language can interpolate a horizontal slice from a three-dimensional WRF-ARW field at the given vertical level(s). I'm not sure how to use this function (or maybe another function) to plot a 4D variable on the surface level.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Why do you need to use an interp function? If you are only wanting to plot the surface, you can just select that slice.

Dear Jordan,
As you may know, WRF uses a terrain-following coordinate system called eta levels. So, which level corresponds to the surface?