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Plotting the 10 km limited area simulation

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Hello everyone, I have just finished simulating a cyclone case for 7 days in 10 km resolution. What i did is i used limited area simulation. Now my question i want plot the output in 10 km resolution itself, but when i use the convert_mpas tool the data seems to become 0.5 degree, So is their any way I can make my data to be in 10km itself. My domain is 0 to 26 degree lat, 77 to 100 degrees lon.
The file provided with the convert_mpas tool describes how you can change the regular latitude-longitude grid to which fields are interpolated. Note, though, that the convert_mpas tool may leave some artifacts in the interpolated fields (as illustrated in Section 4.5 of the online tutorial). Consequently, if you intend to create plots for use in presentations or publications, you'll probably want to use something besides the convert_mpas tool (which is still useful for taking a "quick look" at model input and output).

Although it's part of a work in progress, I've attached an example Python script that uses PyNGL to plot the precipitable water field from either a global or regional model output file; you may be able to adapt this to your own needs. Note that the "" script relies on functions and variables defined in the "" file.


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