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Possibilities of compressed model output

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Is there any possibilities to obtain a compressed model output file? In WRF 4.0, there will be a message after the configure process, indicating this build of WRF will use NETCDF4 with HDF5 compression or classic non-compressed NETCDF format. For MPAS model, I don't know which format is the default one. I have made tests using the tutorial case on the website, and changed the io_type in the streams file to all the possible values, but the size of output files was exactly the same. I'm using netcdf4.3.0, pnetcdf1.8 and pio1.7 library, anything wrong with my configurations?

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Except if you were to write output from MPAS in serial (and even then, some non-trivial code modifications would probably be needed), there's no possibility at present to write compressed output directly. This is really a limitation in the netCDF library, rather than a limitation in MPAS; see, e.g., .