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Postdoctoral position at CSU: Climate-weather interface and climate intervention strategies


New member
The Hurrell and Rasmussen groups at Colorado State University are searching for a postdoctoral researcher. A summary of the position is included here:

The postdoctoral scientist will be working with the Hurrell and Rasmussen research teams to
conduct independent and collaborative research in the exciting and new interdisciplinary area of
how climate variability and change influence mesoscale weather systems, including proposed
climate intervention strategies. This will include observational analyses and modeling studies
assessing the future risk of extreme weather events, and how these events might be impacted
by proposed climate intervention strategies. The postdoctoral scientist will also interact with and
support graduate students and early career researchers, especially from the Hurrell and
Rasmussen groups, but also other research groups across the Atmospheric Science
Department. The position will help define the research and development direction of the Hurrell
and Rasmussen research groups in the area of climate-mesoscale interactions, as well as
participate in opportunities to apply atmospheric expertise to research efforts in other disciplines
across and beyond the CSU campus.

Expected results for this position will be new insights into processes that determine how
weather systems are affected by climate variability and climate change, and how climate
change signals might be modified by climate intervention, in addition to producing new
publications and research methods.

This position will report directly to Prof. James Hurrell and Prof. Kristen Rasmussen and will be
a part of a vibrant community of researchers both within the Hurrell and Rasmussen Groups, the
Atmospheric Science Department, Colorado State University, and other funded collaborators.

To apply for this position, please visit: Postdoctoral Fellow - OPEN POOL (Atmospheric Science).


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