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I am trying to run "prep_chem_sources.inp" to produce emission data for WRF-Chem. However, I faced an error regarding the OLSON data path. I defined the path correctly but after running the "prep_chem_sources.inp" I receive the following error :
HDF5 file not found, please change to the correct path of the HDF5 file

I defined the path for OLSON data as follows:
olson_data_dir ='/backup2/seti/setii/Build_WRF/PREP-CHEM-SRC-1.5/bin/DATA/Global_emissions_v3/Emission_data/OLSON2/OLSON.h5',
Would you please kindly help me to sort this issue out please?
Thank you so much for your attention and participation.
Best wishes,

It looks like your filepath may be too long ("/backup2/seti/setii/Build_WRF/PREP-CHEM-SRC-1.5/bin/DATA/Global_emissions_v3/Emission_data/OLSON2/OL" is exactly 100 characters). You have a few options:

option 1: Move or create a link to the OLSON data path to/in a higher directory.
option 2: It's possible prep chem will accept a relative directory from where the executable is (i.e., if you run the program in the "/backup2/seti/setii/Build_WRF/PREP-CHEM-SRC-1.5/bin/" directory, you may be able so specify the OLSON_data_dir as "./DATA/Global_emissions_v3/Emission_data/OLSON2/OLSON.h5"
option 3: modify the src code in src/3bem_emissions.f90. For this, find the subroutine "readOlsonHdf", and look for the line: "character(len=100):: filename". Change this to "character(len=200):: filename", recompile the program and try again.

Dear Jordan,
So many thanks for your help. You are right. The problem is fixed now.
Best wishes,