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problem about plot auxinput1 file

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Hello professor,
After running tc.exe, I use NCL to plot auxinput1 file "PMSL" variable. But there is a warning when run ncl script, and the plot is something wrong.
Warning information is that warning:MapSetTrans: map limits invalid - using maximal area
But when I use nearly same script to plot me_em. file, I can get the right plot.
Could you please help me to fix it? Thank you.
I check the XLAT XLONG variables, and find that they are always 0 in auxinput1 file.
So I wanna use XLAT XLONG variables value in met_em file to replace XLAT XLONG variables value in auxinput, what should I do to work on it?
Using the XLAT, XLONG variables in the met_em file will work. I do not know why the values in the auxhist file are wrong.