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Problem on overlaying shapefile boundary on a WRF domain plot

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Dear WRF community,

I have met a problem when overlaying shapefile boundary on a wrf domain plot using NCL. I added several lines to original NCL file “plotgrids_new.ncl” distributed with WPS package, in order to add a shapefile polygon into this map. However, the inner domain would dispear if I add this polygon.

What should I do to add the polygon while saving the inner domain (D02) frame ?

Thanks in advance,



  • wps_show_dom_Loess.png
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  • plotgrids_add_boundary_tobesent.ncl.txt
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  • plotgrids_new.ncl.txt
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  • shapefile_utils.ncl.txt
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  • wps_show_dom.png
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I can't do any testing without your namelist.wps or your shapefile. If you are still having this problem, can you send them please?