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Problem with Hourly Anthro_Emiss results [SOLVED]

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Georgii Nerobelov

New member
Hello Sir/Madam,

I can`t understand how to use hourly data which I generated via anthro_emiss utility. Only the first anthro_emiss file is acctepted by the model run and then its emissions are transported according to the wind direction. But I expected that WRF-CHEM would take my wrfchemi data every model hour. I tried runnig the model as with wrfchemi_00h_d01 and wrfchemi_12h_d01 as with wrfchemi_d01_date. But the model don`t even make any attempt to use the anthro_emiss data after 1 model hour.
Here are my namelist.inp, anthro_emis.inp (MOZART-MOSAIC.inp.txt), wrfchemi_00h_d01 and wrfchemi_d01_date files, and, of course, my wrf.out (wrf.txt, for 7 hours of run).
I`ll appretiate any help.

Georgy Nerobelov.


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