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Question about interpolated method in function wrf_user_intrp3d

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Tingting Xu

New member
Hi all,

I am a PhD student in Peking University, recently I used the NCL function wrf_user_intrp3d to plot cross section figures, could you please tell me which the interpolation method used in this function? Is Bilinear interpolation or some interpolation method else?

Thanks a lot.

Yours sincerely

Tingting Xu

It is bilinear interpolation. Also, that function is being phased out. I recommend using wrf_user_vert_interp, wrf_user_interp_level, wrf_user_interp_cross, or wrf_user_interp_line, which are available in the newest NCL release.
Hi abjaye,
Sorry for posting under an old one... I have some more questions about the interpolation method and hope you can kindly help.
1. As there mentioned using wrf_user_vert_interp, wrf_user_interp_level, wrf_user_interp_cross, or wrf_user_interp_line, so which interpolation method(s) is/are used in these functions? By the way, I am using the functions both for different heights and pressure levels.
2. I noticed NCL supports other methods in other functions, is there any possibility to use them in the functions above? (I mean, define which one to use and no bother to rewrite one by myself) The above functions usually call functions which I cannot find in the source code...