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Question: use one sounding data as initial condition in MPAS model


New member
I would like to use one sounding data (original resolution) collected by RS41 (txt format) as my MPAS initial data for a real case.
To be more specific, I would like to combine ERA5 reanalysis data and one sounding data to be initial condition. I want to calculate advection term from ERA5; for the PBL structure and tendencies, I'll use sounding data instead because of the detailed structure.
My question is, I don't know how to input sounding data into MPAS. I found MPAS-A-aquaplanet can input sounding, but I can't find how exactly I can do so. I also found QUESTION: initial sounding files of WRF AWR v.4.0 test cases but the provided link is not available now.

I hope someone can provide some guidance of sounding data initialization in MPAS.
Thank you.