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Radiance data cannot be assimilated in WRFDA 3.9.1 with Only one amsua sensor

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I wanna make an experiment to assimilate only one amsua's sensor data with WRFDA V3.9.1, but no data assimilated for Aqua's and Metop-2's amsua respectively. As showed in the zipped directories "aqua_amsua/" and "metop_amsua/" (showed in the attachment ""), reletive namelist.input, rsl*, and qcstat files are included respectively.
So I made another experiment, which assimilated both amsua sensors' data, and the program da_wrfvar.exe functioned well, with relative namelist.input, rsl*, qcstat* files residing in the zipped directory "both_amsua/" (showed in the attachment "").
Then, I felt doubted about why only one amsua sensor's data cannot be assimilated but both can.

Anyone will be appreciated to give me some advice on how to find the reasons and solving the problem? Thks! :)


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Please try removing rad_monitoring=1 from your namelist.input.
var/README.namelist says:
rad_monitoring (max_instruments)    = 0        ; integer array (used dimension: rtminit_nsensor)
                                               ; 0: assimilating mode
                                               ; 1: monitoring mode (only calculate innovations)
Your rad_monitoring=1 setting turns off the assimilation for the first sensor.