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RADM2/MADE/SORGAM anthropogenic emissions using CBMZ-MOSAIC 4 bins chemical mechanism


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Dear all,

I am using WRF-Chem with chem_opt = 9 (i.e., CBMZ-MOSAIC 4 bin).
My anthropogenic emission files are speciated for RADM2/MADE/SORGAM, but I know it is possible to use these emissions with CBMZ-MOSAIC. However, I have some doubts about what namelist.input options should I use to make this work properly.
Should I use emiss_opt = 3 in combination with emiss_inpt_opt = 101, or emiss_opt = 4 in combination with emiss_inp_opt = 101?
I think I should use emiss opt = 3 in combination with emiss_inpt_opt = 101, because I am reading anthropogenic emissions speciated as RADM2/MADE/SORGAM species and I want them to be converted internally (by the WRF-Chem model) to CBMZ-MOSAIC species (which is the chemical mechanism that I am using). Am I correct?

Thank you,

Kind regards,
Rui Silva