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Reducing the run-time of WRF-CHEM simulations

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New member
Hello WRF-Chem community,

I am a new user of WRF-Chem and I am running the model on a local University cluster.
I am getting hourly outputs of my test simulations using chem option 201 in aprrox 2.5 hours of runtime i.e one day worth of simulation in ~2.5 days using 16 cores on two nodes each. I have only one domain of 150x120 grids

I want to ask the community and more experienced users how can I decrease the runtime to get a year of simulation?
What things I can modify in my model? Or is it that it could be the problem of the HPC cluster?
Could you please advise?

Really appreciate the help!

My suggestion would be to increase the no. of cores.
I am surprised that it is even running with 32 cores with chem_opt=201. My simulations gets hanged/crashes. With 336 cores I get 1 day simulation in about 4 hours with 247*211*40 grids.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I wonder how many nodes are you using? and how much is your runtime for a day?
Could you share the details?