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Reducing Variable Output

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I am attempting to run a simulation using the 60-3km mesh. The output is running successfully but extremely slowly and very computationally expensive. I am looking to reduce any unnecessary steps/output/etc. from my simulation. I only need seven variables from the total produced in the diag/history files for my current project. Is there any reason why I can't define a new output stream with the list of the seven variables, then run MPAS-A only producing that output stream file and NOT the diag & history? Or if the diag and history files are required (why), can I edit their output interval for a much greater duration in between?

Thanks as always
You can modify the interval at which any output stream is written by changing the value of the "output_interval" attribute of that stream in the streams.atmosphere file. Note that an interval of "none" will turn off the output for a stream entirely.

You can also modify the set of fields that are written to, e.g., the "output" or "diagnostics" streams (which write the "history" and "diag" files, respectively) by editing the stream_list.atmosphere.output and stream_list.atmosphere.diagnostics files.

Chapter 5 of the User's Guide gives a more thorough explanation of what can be done with input and output streams.