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regarding 'anthro-emiss'---

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sompriti debroy

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I have used the 'anthro-emiss' utility with the EDGAR-HTAP data for generating anthropogenic emissions for WRF/Chem over the South-Asian region. However the 'NO' and 'NO2' values in the generated emission data are seen to be extremely low. Due to this, after running WRF/Chem with these emissions, I am getting extremely low values of NO, NO2 and Ozone over this region. If you can kindly suggest me some suitable emission database (other than EDGAR-HTAP) whose data can used to run the 'anthro-emiss' utility in order to get proper results over the South Asian region. I have attached the 'anthro-emiss' namelist file, the chemistry namelist file and one of the emission files which I have generated along for your kind suggestions if any.

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Mrs.Sompriti Deb Roy,
Physical Meteorology and Aerology Division,
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology,
Dr.Homi Bhabha Road, Pashan,
Tele No.-(020)-25904200; extn-350/250.
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