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Reserved variables in streams namelist


New member
I can see that there are reserved variables to output the valid time for the forecast (ex. $Y-$M-$D_$h.$m.$s) but I was wondering if there is a reserved variable for the forecast hour from the model start time?

Unfortunately, there isn't a variable that evaluates to the forecast hour. For reference, all available (and supported) variables are listed in Section 5.1 of the User's Guide.

Just in case you're interested in adding this functionality, the place to start would probably be the MPAS_build_stream_filename routine in the mpas_stream_manager module. This routine calls the mpas_expand_string routine in the mpas_timekeeping module; in addition to the current time, you would probably also need to provide the initial time of the simulation in order to compute the forecast hour when expanding variables in this routine.