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(RESOLVED) symbol lookup error: ./ungrib.exe: undefined symbol: __libm_feature_flag

Take a look at the instructions for building the libraries here. So, in that example, you would install libpng, zlib, and jasper all in a folder called "grib2. For e.g., these are the directories contained in my 'grib2' directory:

> ls /home/libraries/grib2/
bin  include  lib  man  share

and these are the files found in the "bin," "lib," and "include" directories (which are the ones we care about):

>ls bin/
imgcmp  imginfo  jasper  libpng12-config  libpng-config  tmrdemo

>ls lib/
libjasper.a  libpng12.a  libpng.a  libz.a  pkgconfig

>ls include
jasper/  libpng12/  pngconf.h  png.h  zconf.h  zlib.h

Then if I were setting my LD_LIBRARY_PATH, I would set

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/libraries/grib2/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
After I compiled and installed the grib2 folder according to the WRFv4.4 you mentioned, it did appear that the grib2 folder was automatically generated.