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(RESOLVED) The mandatory field TT was not found in any input data

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I am adil and new one with WRF.Please guide me i am having problem to run ./ metgrid.exe for domain 2 while i am considering 3 domains.
It runs successfully for first domain but it gives error :
Processing 2017-06-30_00
Processing domain 2 of 3
WARNING: In namelist, interval_seconds does not evenly divide (end_date - start_date) for domain 2. Only 67473 time periods will be processed.
Processing 2107-06-01_00
WARNING: Couldn't open file FILE:2107-06-01_00 for input.
ERROR: The mandatory field TT was not found in any input data.
application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 43862688) - process 0

Please answer to my problem and unfortunately before i did not get reply from expert while i posted my problem last month another.
Its only a platform to communicate with experts.

I am very thankful if any body helps me.


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Thanks for your reply "mgduda".
I set start date for domain 2 is 2107-06-01_00:00:00 as same the start date for domain 1.
Can you little guide me, how can i come over this error.
I have attached screenshot of namelist.wps already.
The starting year for domain 1 is 2017, while the starting year for domain 2 is 2107. I assume you mean to start all domains in the year 2017, in which case you will need to correct the starting year for domain 2.
Thank you, you are right.
I did it.
Please read also my post i posted in WRF model section as i am facing errors while running ./real.exe
Thank you again to make me correct.