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(RESOLVED) Using geogrid to make an idealized domain?

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Can I use geogrid tool to make an idealized domain?

For example, can I use it to make a homogeneous land surface with uniform values for all the parameters like albedo, lai, landuse etc., and put in a straight river channel or a lake in the middle?

Is it something doable by geogrid by chance? Or is there any other existing tool or script that can directly write a for this purpose?

Any help would be highly appreciated!
This is not doable directly from the geogrid program. However, one option may be to run the geogrid program to define the idealized domain in terms of grid resolution and size, then to use, e.g., a Python script to modify the fields in the resulting geogrid output files (, etc.). For example, you could set the HGT_M (terrain height on the mass-staggered points) to zero everywhere, you could set the LANDUSEF and LU_INDEX fields to 17 everywhere (corresponding to the water category in the MODIS IGBP land cover dataset), etc. Then, you can run the rest of the WPS and real.exe programs as usual, assuming specified lateral boundary conditions are what you're after. I'm not sure whether there may be any complications if you were interested in other sorts of lateral boundary conditions, though.