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(RESOLVED) Why is the 2m static data option gone?

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In this page, there is no 2m soiltype data, so if you run with 2m as the geog_data_res, it would fail.
Some time ago, it was decided that maintaining different resolutions of static data was not worth the extra support and maintenance burden, especially given that processing the highest resolution of data (in the case of soil type, 30 arc seconds) provided a more accurate field and took very little extra processing time. We should probably remove the '2m' and '10m' entries from the GEOGRID.TBL files, but in the meanwhile, you'll just need to avoid selecting '2m' resolution data, probably choosing 'default' or '30s' instead.
The recommendation is that one edits GEOGRID.TBL and replaces the "default" but non-existent soiltype_top_2m with soiltype_top_30s. This I have done on my laptop and it works.
However, moving to our cluster, the problem persists and I need to ask the systems support that installed ARW for me to allow me in.
Or need to have a bespoke version of GEOGRID.TBL (and probably METGRID.TBL) and direct everything there.
If I use something: opt_geogrid_tbl_path = 'home/geogrid/', I would have to have separate copies of everything already in systems version of geogrid/ in my home account on our cluster. Then save it to my group directory and tell my student to copy that.

What would I would prefer is to have another &geogrid namelist entry that said that soilcbot should be soiltype_bot_30s.
This already exists in "name=SOILCTOP" and "name=SOILCBOT" in GEOGRID.TBL.ARW as:
rel_path= 30s:soiltype_bot_30s/

But how does one write this into a namelist? On p. 3-48 of the ARWUsersGuideV3, words are give about RES_STRING:REL_PATH,
but an exact example of what to do within &geogrid would help.
Perhaps I'm missing some key detail, but why does it not suffice to simply set
geog_data_res = 'default'
to use the 30-arc-second datasets? Which version of the WPS are you using?