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(RESOLVED) WPS-4 output issues

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with WPS-4 builds, unlike WPS-3 builds generates HDF5 outputs/binaries even with io_form_geogrid/metgrid=2 settings in namelist.wps file. Is this the default behavior with WPS-4, since this was not the case with WPS-3 builds. How can I generate NetCDF binary outputs in that case?

-- Avi
This behavior is actually due to a change in WRF, where the default netCDF output is in netCDF-4 format. Since the WPS uses the WRF I/O API implementations for its own I/O, the WPS now writes netCDF-4 files (which use the HDF-5 library), too.

As long as your post-processing tools were linked with the same netCDF-4 library as was used to compile WRF, there should be no problem. But, in case you need classic netCDF output, what I think you'll need to do is to go back to WRF and do the following:

1) Set the environment variable NETCDF_classic to 1
2) ./clean -a
3) ./configure (making appropriate choices as before)
4) ./compile em_real

Then, you'll need to clean and re-compile the WPS as well.