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(RESOLVED) WRF configure issue

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Settings listed above are written to configure.wrf.
If you wish to change settings, please edit that file.
If you wish to change the default options, edit the file:
NetCDF users note:
This installation of NetCDF supports large file support. To DISABLE large file
support in NetCDF, set the environment variable WRFIO_NCD_NO_LARGE_FILE_SUPPORT
to 1 and run configure again. Set to any other value to avoid this message.

Testing for NetCDF, C and Fortran compiler

This installation of NetCDF is 64-bit
C compiler is 64-bit
Fortran compiler is 64-bit
It will build in 64-bit

NetCDF version: 4.8.1
Enabled NetCDF-4/HDF-5: yes
NetCDF built with PnetCDF: no
./configure: 919: [: unexpected operator

Not sure what the issue is at lin 919. But even though WRF successfully creates all the .exe the WPS ./compile feature doesn't recognize it.
Has anyone seen this error before?
I hate being that guy who bumps his posts to the top to get seen but I have been beating my head against this for over a week now.

Please anyone who has successfully install wrf 4.4 please let me know.
I am pretty sure it has to do with these lines of code in configure file. Line 909 to 928

if [ $CROSS_COMPILING -eq 0 ] ; then
echo "This installation of NetCDF is $netcdf_arch"
echo " C compiler is $SCC_arch"
echo " Fortran compiler is $SFC_arch"
echo " It will build in $netcdf_arch"
echo " "
if [ -e $NETCDF/bin/nc-config ] ; then
echo "NetCDF version: ${ncversion}"
echo "Enabled NetCDF-4/HDF-5: `nc-config --has-nc4`"
echo "NetCDF built with PnetCDF: `nc-config --has-pnetcdf`"
if [ "$USENETCDFPAR" == "1" ] ; then
echo "Using parallel NetCDF via NETCDFPAR option"

echo " "
rm -f ${foo} ${foo}.[cfo] 2> /dev/null

I found the solution to this but I have no idea how to get it into github now. So can someone help me with a pull request.?