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Run MPAS without files

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I've been trying to generate initial conditions with a variable resolution grid file without the "" files. The files I can have are "" and "". I tried to generate the with commands of "./init_atmosphere" or "mpirun -np 1 ./init_atmosphere". The problem is that in the "", the variable meshDensity are 0 everywhere. Therefore any simulations from there on would quickly generate NaNs.
So my question is in this case, what is the correct way of running MPAS-Atmosphere in order to have valid results.
Without a file, you will only be able to run the init_atmosphere_model or atmosphere_model programs with a single MPI task. Both of the options that you mentioned ("./init_atmosphere_model" and "mpirun -np 1 ./init_atmosphere_model") should work -- I run the init_atmosphere_model program this way quite often.

Can you verify that the meshDensity field is non-zero in your file?
Hi, Mike,
Thanks for your response!
Actually, I just found that the variable "meshDensity" does not exist in the file I have. I've been searching around for ways to maybe possibly calculate it myself but had no luck. That's why I posted another thread asking to generate a new set of such mesh if possible.