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Running 4DVAR for a partial duration in a long WRF session


New member
In my scenario I have to run WRF for a 84 hours forecast session.
I have rain observations in the first 6 hours of this timeline and I want to use 4DVAR to assimilate these data into the first 6 hours of WRF and then continue to run to the end of the forecast session.
Chapter 6 of WRFDA manual mentions cycling between WRF and WRFDA but I'm a bit confuse on how to proceed in my case.
If I first start WPS and real.exe for 84h then WRFDA won't run because the wrfbdy and wrfinput need to be in the 6 hours domain
If I start WPS and real.exe for 6h then run WRFDA it produced a wrfvar_output that I can then update the boundary condition into wrfbdy, but if I run WRF on this output I will have only 6h of forecast. How do I proceed to run WRF for 84h with this assimilated 6h boundary condition ?
Thank you for you helps