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running anthro-emiss with ECCAD-Aeris data---

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sompriti debroy

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This is in continuation with my last post regarding the use of the 'anthro-emiss' utility with an alternate emission database (other than EDGAR-HTAP). I have used the 'anthro-emiss' utility with the ECCAD-AERIS data (MACCity) for generating anthropogenic emissions for WRF/Chem over the South-Asian region. Initially the emission data files were generated after running 'anthro-emiss'. Thereafter the 'real.exe' ran successfully generating the initial and boundary condition files. However while running 'wrf.exe' the program stops running after some time. There is no clear-cut error message as such and only few output files are generated before the program stops. I have attached the files containing the output messages, the 'anthro-emiss' namelist file, the chemistry namelist file along with one of the emission files for your kind suggestion. If you can let me know whether the mapping in the 'anthro-emiss' namelist file is right or not. Also I would like to know if there is any problem related to interfacing when we are using an alternate emission database with 'anthro-emiss' and whether we need to add anything to the namelist files for that. The link for the ECCAD-AERIS emission data is ''.
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