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Running MPAS on GPU

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Hi all,

We are having a project which focuses on running MPAS on GPU. The idea is modifying MPAS code using openACC and compiling it with the PGI compiler. Currently we are not sure whether it is feasible. Would you please give us any ideas or suggestions on it? Thank you very much.

There is actually an ongoing project involving IBM, NVIDIA, The Weather Company, and NCAR to do just this. There are some slides available online that describe the state of this work, and which may give an idea of the approach that is being taken:
Yes, actually we are involved in this project now. I am not sure whether it's feasible from your perspectives. Now I believe it is indeed feasible. Thank you for providing these materials. They are very useful for me to understand the whole project. Thank you, mgduda.

That's good to hear that you're involved in the project, too! Feel free to contact me directly (you can get my e-mail through this forum by clicking on my user ID, or by searching for "Michael Duda NCAR"), and we can discuss further details as needed.