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Running WRF-Chem with Amazon aws

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Dear WRF chem help team,

I am struggling with large run time for my simulations and I was suggested trying the Amazon aws cloud facility for better run time speed for my simulations. I am currently using a local computing cluster and version 4.1.4 with chem option 201. I use 40 cores in a sharedmem envirorment and I get one-hour output in one hour of the run. Are there ways to speed up the model runtime? Please suggest other options

I wish to also gather feeddback/suggestion using the Amazon aws platform for running WRF-Chem.
Is it possible to run WRF-chem there?
Can I copy WRF_chem config like WRF from this
Is anyone here has experience running WRF-chem on aws??
If yes, what is the user experience? and is it recommned to use? will it give a better runtime?

I will be very thankful for the suggestion
Please help.

Yes. WRF Chem can be used with amazon AWS to increase the speed of your simulation. It helps to manage the overall data.