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Runs without latent heating

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Dear MPAS Help,

I would like to run some MPAS case studies with effects of latent heating turned off. In the past, we have done this by completely turning off the microphysics and convection schemes. However, if possible, I would like to do something more akin to WRF's "no_mp_heating" flag, which only zeros out the h_diabatic, qv_diabatic, and qc_diabatic terms in module_big_step_utilities_em.F. Is there a similar place where I could zero out similar terms (perhaps rt_diabatic_tend?) in MPAS?

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I also have a question pertaining to this same thing.

Trying to bump this to see if it can get a response.
Sorry about the slow/no reply to this question. It must have been missed.

Check out slide 6 of this presentation: Specifically:
'off’ specifies no physics component for that parameterization
Thus you can set the physics component that you want to 'off' in the &physics section of your namelist.atmosphere.

Likewise, Chapter 6 of the MPAS Atmosphere Users Guide has more information about options for physic suites (section 6.4 makes reference to turning off a specific component).

Hope this helps!