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Save min and max temperature to daily wrf output


New member
Good day,

Is there a way to print daily minimum and maximum temperature to daily wrf_out files?

add the following in your &time_control of your nameli.input:
nwp_diagnostics = 1,
output_diagnostics = 1,
auxhist3_outname = 'wrfxtrm_d<domain>_<date>',
io_form_auxhist3 = 2,
auxhist3_interval = 1440, 1440, 1440,
Thank you for responding so quickly. Following a small test, I can confirm that these additions work perfectly to save min, max and stdev values for many wrfout variables. However, for other users, I would like to highlight that care must be taken to make sure that the auxhist3_interval and history_interval are the same.