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Segmentation fault error when forcing advection in WRF SCM

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I am new to WRF and I am running into the following problem: I receive a 'SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred' error when I turn on scm_th_adv, scm_wind_adv, and/or scm_qv_adv within namelist.input. The idealized Single Column Model (SCM) runs without any problems when these three variables are set to 'false'. Is there something else I need to turn on in order for the SCM model to force advection?

From looking on this forum, it seems that segmentation fault errors are not very intuitive and it can sometimes be troublesome to diagnose the problem. Increasing stack size with 'ulimit -s unlimited' does not fix the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Relevant Info:
WRF Model: 4.2.1
./configure - option 14, default nesting 0
./compile -j 4 em_scm_xy >& compile_scm.log

Thank you in advance! :)


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