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Segmentation Fault in WRFDA after the First Time Step


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Good day,

I am following this tutorial on how to run WRFDA 4D-Var (Chapter 6: WRFDA) on an Ubuntu 20.04. The version I am using is 4.5.1 and the data is from 3.9, which is provided by the tutorial.

At first, I am receiving a segmentation fault error due to overflowing cfl. According to this (Segmentation Error), I need to decrease the time step, which I did. The original time step is 360 and I decreased it 30, which seemed to resolve the segmentation fault due to cfl since it is now missing in the rsl files. However, I am still receiving a segmentation fault error during/after the first time step. What could be the problem here?

Here are my namelist and rsl files, for your reference.

Thank you!


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I encountered the same problem (wrfchem-run stopped with a persistent segmentation fault at 'calls rrtmg_lw') after WRF 3D-Var hybrid data assimilation. It seems that ETKF process made this mistake. I would like to ask if you have any tips or solutions for this error. If you are willing to provide me with some advice, I would greatly appreciate it !