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Segmentation Fault Using some Convective/Microphysics Options - but not Others


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Hey all, was more curious than anything if this has been the experience of anyone else.

I am running WRF-ARWv4.5.1 at a 12-km resolution over Texas (where there is plenty of complex terrain), and was using cu_physics option 1 & mp_phys option 8. I was running into a segmentation fault error (CFL violation within the rsl log files); switching both of these to newer physics options (cu_phys option 16 & mp_phys option 24) eliminated this segmentation fault error. Was wondering if others have had this experience/what kinds of convective/microphysics parameterization options to use as a general guideline when dealing with complex terrain within a model domain. Many thanks!
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The namelist.input indicates that this is a WRF-Chem run with DA options, please let me know if I am wrong.

cu_physics option 1 & mp_phys option 8 are commonly used schemes and they are well tested. I don't think they are the reasons for the model crash.

Since RUC land model (sf_surface_physics=3) is activated, if this case is driven by GFS, please add flag_sm_adj = 1 (&physics). Other than this, I didn't see anything wrong in your namelist.input.

We are aware that adaptive time step option may cause issues in some cases. Can you turn off this option? Also, please turn off wind farm to make this case simpler. Let's see whether this case can run with the above options off.