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Set up an experiment to investigate the role of non-local pollutants


Dear all,

I need to set up an experiment to evaluate the role of non-local air pollutants in my study area [to see how much non-local air pollutants will scavenged by precipitation over the study area ] (using chem_opt=202).
To do this I considered 4 nested domains. Domain 4 is where I want to evaluate the role of non-local air pollutants.
In my first attempt to set such a simulation, I set the below options for the domain 4 as follows :

emiss_opt = 0
phot_opt = 0
bio_emiss_opt = 0

But after running wrf.exe the model stopped with no error. So may I ask you to please advise me on how to set up my experiment please?

Look forward to hearing your advice.
Kind regard,