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Setting a time to start writing history files from


Is it possible to set a starting time for writing history files?
For example, for a total of 24-hour long simulation, I'm only interested in the hours between 18-22.
My goal is to save disk space.
Thanks in advance
This might help you.

I've already checked the NAMELIST.INPUT options but could not find a variable that controls the start/end date of the history files per se. I've thought that stopping the simulation at a specific time and restarting with history writing enabled might be a workaround. But again, I might be missing an option.
I think these might be the commands needed.

input_outname Output file name from 3DVAR
inputout_begin_y0beginning year to write 3DVAR data
inputout_begin_mo0beginning month to write 3DVAR data
inputout_begin_d0beginning day to write 3DVAR data
inputout_begin_h3beginning hour to write 3DVAR data
Inputout_begin_m0beginning minute to write 3DVAR data
inputout_begin_s0beginning second to write 3DVAR data
inputout_end_y0ending year to write 3DVAR data
inputout_end_mo0ending month to write 3DVAR data
inputout_end_d0ending day to write 3DVAR data
inputout_end_h12ending hour to write 3DVAR data
Inputout_end_m0ending minute to write 3DVAR data
inputout_end_s0ending second to write 3DVAR data.
The above example shows that the input-formatted data are output starting from hour 3 to hour 12 in 180 min interval.

Can you upload your namelist.wps and namelist.input files here?