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Setting the environment for for MPAS installation

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Hello users,

I am new to compiling programs so sorry if some questions might seem too basic to some of you.

I looked into MPAS manual and user guide and read through the instructions provided there but some matters regarding building the prerequisites libraries are not still clear for me:

1) When building HDF5, do I need to enable it to be parallel?

2) Do I need to do the same for NetCDF?

3) Should I install PnetCDF before NetCDF and then use the --enable-pnetcdf during the configuration process? Or just build NetCDF "normally" and build Pnetcdf afterwards?

4) Do I need to use the same compilers for installing all libraries? I mean, for example, can I install Zlib with gcc and then pnetcdf with Mpicc?

Thanks for your attention!
All good questions. If you take a look at slide number 15 from this PDF Slide deck from the MAPS Tutorial page (Downloading and Compiling MPAS).

Notably the script located at It walks through how we install PIO 2.x with HDF5 support (and all the flags needed for each library). I normally use it as a guide, rather than running it.

Hope that helps, and let me know if you have any questions with it!
I was able to install all libraries. I am currently facing some issues for installing the MPAS regarding the PIO library, but it is been addressed on another user's post:

Thank you!