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[SOLVED] Specify location of wrfinput and wrfbdy files

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is there a way to tell real.exe that the wrfinput and wrfbdy should not be written to the run directory? I've already tried to set input_outname and bdy_outname in &time_control (tried both absolute and relative paths), but the files still get created in the run/ directory from which I call real.exe.
Actually, it seems that the values for input_outname and bdy_outname are being ignored altogether. When I change them to something silly, like WRFINPUT_FFF_D<domain>, the created file is still being called wrfinput_d01.

I'm sure I'm making some silly mistake, but cannot find it.

btw, I did check in namelist.output that the variables are actually being set.
I've used "input_outname" and "bdy_outname" successfully for different file names for WRF.

I'll make an educated guess that "input_inname" and "bdy_inname" will work for REAL.
Thanks for your guess, but it seems to be wrong. I went through the source code and it seems bdy_outname and input_outname are only used by wrf.exe when writing the input files out again is activated (apparently some option with WRF-DA, I forgot to note the config switch).

From looking at the source code of real_em.F, I found that all the output file names from real.exe are hard-coded.

So I modified real_em.F, added some additional namelist options to the registry, re-compiled, and now I can set the output locations for the real.exe output files in my namelist.

When I have time, I might prepare a PR on Github to include this in the main code base.